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"Again, can I just tell you have amazing you are!" August 2016

"Thank you! You and your team do great work." August 2016

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"Thank you for all the work you guys have done, especially your promptness and excellent communication." January 2016

Third Party Group - San Antonio, Texas 

"Thank you very much for the quick service. I have attached a slipping slip for USPS." August, 2016

Paralegal - The Colony, Texas

"Wonderful. Thank you." August 2016

"Wonderful. Thanks." May 2016

"Okay, if they don't respond, let me know if you need a 106. Thanks for all your efforts." April 2016

"Great work - I suspect more than just he does the same thing." April 2016

"Great! Thank you." April 2016 

"Wonderful. Thanks a bunch." March 2016

"Wonderful - I guess we'll see what happens." February 2016

"We got it! - the 106 order - We'll see what happens now. Thanks for your help. February 2016

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"Colleen: thanks again for your help. I will follow-up with ??? to confirm receipt and payment of your invoice. Thanks." July 2016

"Thanks Colleen. I appreciate your help in this matter." June 2016

Attorney - Dallas, Texas

"Thank you very much. Our compliments to you. We have used other process servers, but never one as efficient as you." June 2016

"Thank you - I am investigating as my client provided this address. I will get back to you - thanks for your efforts." May 2016

Pro Se - Avon, Connecticut

"Perfect. Thank you! No rush. Now I can leverage him. Thanks." June 2016

Attorney - Haskell, Texas
"Thank you so much and check is in the mail." May 2016

"Thank you for your promptness and keeping us informed. We will keep your name and contact information in our data base to use as a process server in the Burleson area." April 2016

Legal Assistant - Tyler, Texas

"Thank you for your prompt reply!" April, 2016

"Thank you for the efficient service and information regarding service." April 2016

Business Owner - Burleson, Texas

"Thanks so much. Check will go out Monday." April 2016

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"I appreciate your flexibility, and I'm so glad everything worked out so smoothly". March 2016

Attorney's Client via text - "Oh wow already? Thank you very very much. You totally went the extra mile. :) We really appreciate your effort. Thank you. :) :) " March 2016

Legal Assistant - Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Great! Thank you for your help." March 2016

"That's great! Thank you for your assistance." March 2016

Process Server - Houston, Texas

"GREAT NEWS!! THANKS!!" March, 2016

"Thanks again!!! " September 2015

"I think they're right...check them please...thanks for the good work!!!" September 2015

"Great job !!! Have a few more for you." August 2015

"Great ! Thanks !!" August 2015

"Great !!! I'm impressed !!!" July 2015

"Ah...I did not scroll down far enough...It is a pleasure to do business with a thorough server!!" July 2015

Attorney - Bryan, Texas

"Thank you for your service in this - it is greatly appreciated. I will get a check out to you shortly." February 2016

"I truly appreciate your help." February 2016

Paralegal - Lexington, South Carolina

"Excellent work!! Thanks. Hopefuly she will just hire counsel and not have to appear." January 2016

Attorney - Boca Rotan, Florida

"Colleen, I just got word from the Defendants' attorney. He's agreeing to accept service on their behalf, so no need to continue with your efforts. I'd imagine it was your effort that finally got their attention and forced their attorney to call us. In any event, thanks for your assistance, and you can send me an invoice for your services." December 2015

"Hi Colleen, Thank you for your update, and we appreciate your hard work here." December 2015

"Colleen, Thanks so much for the update. You have done a very thorough job in attempting service here, and I appreciate that. Your plan of attack sounds reasonable. Thanks again for your efforts." August 2015

Litigation Paralegal - Fort Worth, Texas

"Thank you, I appreciate it." December 2015 

"Awesome! Thank you." November 2015

"I appreciate it. It keeps me from forgetting." November 2015

"Awesome! Thank you so much." September 2015

"Wonderful. Thank you for the update." September 2015

"Ms. Cook, Please send me an affidavit and I will request subservice form the Court. Thank you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated." September 2015

"Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you are doing." September 2015

Admin Assistant - Brownwood, Texas

"Thanks for all your research. I will talk to our client and get back to you." November 2015

"Colleen, thank you for the update. How did you find the address in  Fort Worth for the ???? ....the client thinks that may be where ?? is located." November 2015

Civil Processing Manager/Process Server - Austin, Texas

"That is great thank you so much for your services." November 2015

"Great, thanks for the information." November 2015

Pro Se - Irving, Texas

"YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" September 2015

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"Thank you for your service!" September 2015

Managing Member Delivery Service - Dallas, Texas

"Not sure if I got back with you on this or not. Please just send us an Affidavit of Attempted Service. Thank you so much for all your help." July 2015

Legal Assistant - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Thank you again." July 2015

"Great. Thank you very much. If it is easier to just email me the invoice, I will make sure the check goes out right away. Thanks again." July 2015

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"Thank you so much for the update. You guys are phenomenal." July 2015

Legal Assistant - Springdale, Arkansas

"Thank you for the fast response! I really appreciate it.." June 2015

Legal Assistant - Fort Worth, Texas

"Thank you for pointing that out, we will amend the petition after service." June 2015

Process Server - Richardson, Texas

"Thanks Colleen! We greatly appreciate it." July 2015

"Thank you so much! Your team is awesome." May 2015

"Thanks for the update Ms. Cook!" April 2015

"Thanks for all the help on this one!" April 2015

Attorney - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Ms. Cook, Thank you for the update. We greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter and your service." March 2015

Process Server - San Antonio, Texas

"Good morning Colleen :)...Let me ask...nice catch...I'm sure he will." March 2015

"Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please keep me posted on your progress." March 2015

"Thanks again and be safe, I know it's Icy up there. :)"     March 2015

"Awesome, thanks Colleen." March 2015

"Thanks again for all the hard work! :)"  March 2015

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"Thank you Colleen!! I was out of town but have received the original. I appreciate all your help!" June 2015

"Lets keep our fingers crossed!! Thank you Colleen! :)" May 2015

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"Thanks Colleen!! Please email an invoice for me, I appreciate all the help!" February 2015

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"Here you go Ma'am. Thank you for all your help. Have a great weekend." December 2014

"Perfect! Thank you! Have a great weekend." December 2014

"Thank you I have made corrections." December 2014

"Wow! Now that is what I call service. I will pass this on to the client and

see what they want us to do next. Thank you so much."  November 2014

Paralegal - Austin, Texas

"This case goes to trial on Monday, and it  is crucially important that Mr. XXX be served today. I thank you so very much for your assistance in this matter". September 2014

"Thank you so much. I apologize for the short fuse on this deal." September 2014

"Thank you so much for getting this done for us. We greatly appreciate your efforts". September 2014

Legal Assistant - Duncan, Oklahoma

"Awesome! Thanks for all your assistance!" August 2014

"Thank you so much!!! Our clients will be excited to get this news!" August 2014

"Yes!! That will work! If you can send it back to me by priority mail or federal express that would be great! Thanks!" August 2014

Process Server Company - Houston, Texas
"Ok, thank you for the update." August 2014
Private Investigator - Rochester, New York
"Thank You so very much Colleen. I will take care of the payment tomorrow. You ladies ROCK!" July 2014
Legal Department - Austin, Texas

"Thank you, I just spoke with him as well. " May 2016

"Colleen: Yes...send the affidavit. Thanks for your attempts on this one.: May 2015

"Thank you for the update Colleen, just let me know what you hear." April 2015

"THANK YOU!! You guys are wonderful!!" April, 2016

"Wonderful!! Good work and thanks for the info!" March 2016

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"Thank you for the update." April 2014

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"I will also work on trying to figure out where ??? is or will be jailed. Thanks for the info!" March 2015

"Thank you for explaining and getting him served!" March 2015

"Thank you...I know this one might now be easy :( " March 2015

"Hi Colleen... Yes, please go ahead with the Substitute service affidavit and we will go that route. Thank you for following up with me on that!" March 2015

"Great job! Thank you!" November 2013

"You're the best! Thank you!" October 2013 

"Thank you! Alpha Civil Process has become my favorite process service. Thanks for the great service." June 2013

"Wow! Great job!" June 2013

"You are the best!"  April 2013

"I really appreciate all of your help. I will be sure to send you more business as soon as I have someone in your area."  March 2013

"Sounds wonderful!  Thanks for the update!"  January 2013

"Wow--you are fast! Thanks! I will request a check for your invoice"  December 2012

"Wow! Thank you!"  September 2012

"Wow - you guys are fast!! My attorney just received a phone call from....."  August 2012

"Wonderful!! Thanks for the update too!....Great Work!!"  June 2012 

Paralegal - Austin, Texas
"Just notifying you that a business check is on its way to your PO BOX. Thank you so much for your service we will continue to use your company for anything DFW related." June 2014
Pro Se Nancy A. - Murrieta, California
"I had a process serving job completed with them. Quick, efficient and straightforward service, great customer service. I would definitely recommend them for future service." June 2014 via
Legal Assistant - Farmington Hills, Michigan
"That's wonderful news. Thanks so much!" June 2014
Legal Assistant - Stephenville, Texas

"Hey folks, if you need service in the Burleson/Cleburne area, these people are awesome." April 2014

"Wow! I am impressed! Thanks so much. I will make sure your invoices are paid promptly! I will be sure and recommend you to anyone who has service needs in your area. Thanks again! " April 2014

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"Thank you for the prompt service." April 2014

 "The invoice has been paid. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter." April 2014

Attorney - San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you so much fo such prompt service! Please send me an invoice and I will get payment right out." April 2015
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"I want to make certain you are paid on this matter can you email me a copy of the invoice and I will mail you a check as soon as I am able. Thank you for the quality service you provided." April 2014
Legal Assistant - Denton, Texas
"Thanks Colleen. Please send me your invoice today. I am leaving on vacation Wednesday and want to make sure I get a check request in for you." August 2015

"Thank you Colleen. I appreciate your prompt and courteous service!" March 2014
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"Thank you for the prompt service in this matter." March, 2014
Process Server Company - Killeen, Texas

"Thank you for all your help in getting them delivered." February 2014

"Awesome job. Thank you so much. You made my day." January 2014

"Here is the affidavit for ..... Thanks again for all you do." December 2013

"Wow, awesome service. Thank you very much.....Thank you again for doing this." November 2013

"I would like to use you more often. I like the fast response you have done. What areas do  you serve? Thank you again." November 2013

Attorney - Athens, Texas
"You are awesome. Thank you so much!"  December 2013
Process Server Company - El Paso, Texas
"Please send me a notarized affidavit. Thank you for your service you guys are awesome." December 2013
Associate Attorney - Des Moines, Iowa

"Colleen - Thank you for all the work you did to secure service in this case. I also appreciate you forwarding the documents to us. I was not aware of the additional fee, but in the end, Mr. B_____ got served and that was our goal. Personal service will end up saving us time on our end. Have a great week and enjoy the holiday weekend!!"  July 2013

"Thank you for the prompt response."  June 2013

Attorney - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"I very much appreciate your efforts thus far. We've been attempting to serve.......since September of this year and have dealt with a few process servers - your updates and quick response are refreshing to say the least."  December 2012
Attorney - Fort Worth, Texas
"Thank you for the service details and fast turn around time. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again in the future." December 2012
Legal Assistant - Attorney Mansfield, Texas
"Thanks for the update!"  September 2012

"Thank you for this information and for being so thorough." September 2012

"Dear Colleen, Thank you so much for the work you are doing on our office's citations. We have appreciated your diligence and speed and been impressed with your company." August 2012

"We really appreciate the detailed updates!!" August 2012

 "Thank you! Thank you! Great Job!! Will call you as soon as we have something else!" July 2012

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"Colleen, way to go! Well done. Thanks a ton."  November 2012

"Way to go. Thanks."  November 2012

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"You are wonderful. Thank you so much!"  March 2013
Attorney - Arlington, Texas
"Thanks for everything Colleen; you are the best. Just mail the filed marked copies to me please."  March 2013
Associate Attorney - Chicago, Illinois
"You are wonderful.  Thank you very much.  Please forward your bill to my office as well. Have a great day." April 2013
Legal Assistant - Attorney Fort Worth, Texas

"Thanks Colleen. You all are GREAT!"  March 2013

"Thanks again for such a speedy job."  October 2012

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"Thank you for your assistance and persistence. I will get the invoice in line for payment and pass this information along to the attorney."  January 2013

"Thank you for your quick response. I will be back in touch once we receive the summons from the court."  October 2012

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"Fantastic." January 2014

"...referred me to you for service in Grandview....said you were the person to work with in Grandview."

"Thanks so much. I appreciate the notification."

Process Server Company - North Richland Hills, Texas

"...thanks for getting it done so quickly." May 2013

"....great job!!!" 

".....thanks for getting it done..."

"I have referred one of my other contractors to you for a serve in Grandview...."

Process Server Company - Plano, Texas

"Excellent work Colleen."

Attorney - Kingsville, Texas

"Thank you so much for your help."

Attorney - Gilmer, Texas

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter."


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